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CBOE asks US SEC not to intervene in Bitcoin ETF development, as the President of CBOE, Chris Concannon has reiterated the sentiments from the US Congress hearing earlier in March, where experts stated that the existing legislation is sufficient in terms of regulating particular aspects of cryptocurrencies. 
VIX indicator suggests more gains
May 03, 2018
Edmundas Povilavicius
The VIX indicator has reached a record low for the year, dropping as much as 20% on Friday. According to a professional trader, this is welcome news for the
Weekly VIX Index analysis: Lowest in 11 months
May 03, 2018
Guzal Norkulova
The CBOE VIX index nowadays is the most methods of expected volatility in the markets. The weekly VIX Index Analysis shows that an option-based gauge of...
The two US exchange groups, Chicago Board of Options and BATS Global Markets have agreed to merge. What are the underlying motives for the CBOE BATS merger?