Latest Brexit Consequences News

One of the companies engaged in market intelligence has recently shared results of the Brexit impact on cryptocurrencies.
Yesterday's evening, GBP got a small gain which stopped at 1.3020. Currently, GBPUSD trades within narrow price range. Can we expect a breakout soon?
In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, France's regulators attempt to assist UK based companies as AMF prepares for UK Brokers post Brexit. What to expect?
VTB has reported a possible shift of its EU headquarter. In case VTB Bank moves EU HQ from London, where the bank will set up its new European hub?
After Michel Spin's visit to Washington, he said that US banks were certain about Brexit would move their activities.Is US banks exit from London confirmed?
In the wake of Brexit, LMAX exchange moves from UK to Ireland to mitigate the risks. What are the companies thoughts in regards to outcomes of the event?
Brexit domino effect has spread to other EU countries. Denmark, France, Holland and Italy are about to call for their own EU referendums.
The economist from UBS, Dean Turner and his team believe that the GBP recovery is going to take place in 2017. They provide a list of reasons for that.
As we have passed the EU referendum, it is time to perform the detailed Brexit aftermath analysis. We present to you the list of Brexit FAQ.
GBP edges down on EU Summit Brexit concerns
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
GBP edges down, as the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May is expected to attend the EU Summit, where she will discuss the details of the Brexit process.