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Brazilian exchanges are facing crypto transactions tax regulations. All transactions on Brazilian exchanges must be reported to the RFB.
The Central Bank of Brazil classifies buying and selling of cryptocurrencies as buying and selling of assets in accordance with the IMF guideline. 
Ripple is considering to expand its presence to nations like Peru, Argentina etc. Will Ripple blockchain rescue the economy of the South American region? 
Crypto exchanges in Brazil are now required to provide all user transactions conducted to Brazil's RFB who wants to clamp down on any tax fraud going on in the country.
The media has reported about Brazilian bitcoin mining farm, which was accidentally discovered by the local police during the recent anti-drug traffic raid.
2014's Final Economic Indicators
2014's Final Economic Indicators
May 03, 2018
Oil bulls over horizon?
Oil bulls over horizon?
May 03, 2018
Edmundas Povilavicius
An earlier than expected oil bull market? As brazil has cut its five-year oil production outlook by 1.4 million bpd while Iraq indicates it will struggle to
While Brazil Central Bank Chief says Bitcoin is Pyramid Scheme, many Brazilian investors appear cautious in regards to the digital currency market.