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GBPUSD found resistance at 1.2480 area and continuing to decline. Can GBPUSD Bears Push the Price Lower Towards 1.20 Again?
The United Kingdom's economy, which relies to a large extent on tourism revenues and manufacturing, is already seeing the impact of coronavirus or COVID-19.
ESMA will review new UK financial market rules on governance and reporting obligations following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.
2020 Biggest GBPUSD Fundamental Mover
Jan 09, 2020
Giles Coghlan
The UK is due to leave the EU this month. Besides the Brexit, there is another GBPUSD fundamental mover for 2020. HYCM team has provided their insights.
GBPUSD stops a two-day losing streak due to the broad USD pullback.  Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis of 06 January, 2020.
GBPUSD is trying to overcome the market pessimism of the YouGov MRP poll. Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis of 11 December, 2019. 
Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis of 04 December, 2019.The lead of the Conservatives has propelled the pair to the top of the ranking.
Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis of 29 November, 2019. The quote recovered on Thursday after YouGov's MRP flag signaled a Tory advance.
Here is the GBPUSD Fundamental Analysis of 25 November, 2019. GBPUSD remains on the back foot amid broad USD strength. Stories about US China trade.
The Pound traded at $ 1.2880, stabilizes due to Brexit confusion and dropped 0.7% on Tuesday. Following is the GBPUSD fundamental outlook for 23 October.