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Blockchain technology is the world's most significant technologies. Here you will learn the impacts of blockchain technology in the Healthcare sector.
A new report from American Council on Education has shown how blockchain technology can help individuals in an increasingly insecure global labor market.
Georgia will be the first country to use of third-generation blockchain technology for storage, tracking and verification of educational credentials.
Blockchain and AI technology might help to tackle coronavirus. Blockchain would make it possible to record and track all donations transparently.
HSBC aims to transfer $ 20 billion of assets to a new blockchain technology by March. It is still unproven technology by a global bank.
The Indian government is preparing a national strategy for blockchain technology considering its potential and different uses cases.
China’s President Xi Jinping held a study session on blockchain technology on Thursday and stressed that the country should adopt this emerging technology.
Deutsche Bank has joined JP Morgan Chase-led Interbank Information Network blockchain project to provide better service to its customers.
2019 Monaco Blockchain Conference
May 10, 2019
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We invite you to join us on May 31st at the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco a very exciting event, the 2019 Monaco Blockchain Conference.
The Cisco blockchain report voiced the idea that the blockchain technology could contain up to 10 percent of global GDP.