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The United States Congress has passed a bill calling for FinCEN to study how blockchain technology can be deployed in fighting against financial crime.
What are those Top 6 blockchain friendly countries in the Asia Pacific region? In this article, AtoZ Markets decided to find out more.
Top 7 blockchain countries for startups
Jul 29, 2019
Maya Mandzikasvili
If you want to start your own project easily, faster, and profitably, then you might want to know the top 7 blockchain countries for startups to do this.
Blockchain industry in Haiti flourish
Jul 01, 2019
Maya Mandzikasvili
The blockchain industry in Haiti is expanding and implemented in various aspects of the daily life of the country's population.
Our predictions about blockchain industry in 2020
Jun 26, 2019
Maya Mandzikasvili
Although less than 2 years, the blockchain technology has gained widespread popularity. Here is our forecast of what awaits the Blockchain industry in 2020.
The MALTA AI & BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT 2019 has taken off today, carrying suggestions and strategies from specialists and experts
Does Nike CryptoKicks trademark application mean that the company is ready to embrace the crypto industry?
A piece of research, that has been recently conducted by a private exchange, says that Ripple IPO might prove unsuccessful.
SWIFT, IBM, Ripple, and 100 other firms and organizations have recently joined a newly created EU Blockchain Association.
PayPal has announced joining a Series A investment in the Cambridge blockchain, making a new move in the distributed ledger’s way, in which the online payment firm showed increased interest recently.