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Warren Buffett Warns Cryptocurrency Investors that all digital currencies will come to a bad end. Before, he was also stating that Bitcoin is a bubble.
Following the Weiss Ratings Cryptocurrency grades, a number of altcoins have risen in price. How did the agency evaluate the cryptocurrencies? What do these ratings mean?
Bitcoin Price Fundamental Analysis
May 03, 2018
Bitcoin keeps grinding higher. How is the digital currency trading today? Stay updated on the 20 February Bitcoin Price Fundamental Analysis.
Dutch Court rules Bitcoin is transferable value, as the decision of the court has stated that Bitcoin demonstrates all the features of a “property right”. Therefore, a claim to transfer Bitcoins under property rights is legal.
Will Bitcoin break above $9000 to head to $10000? The following 23-25 April Bitcoin price prediction looks at BTCUSD technical forecast based on Elliott wave theory.
After approval, other interested can use the LedgerX platform to hedge bitcoin, as Ancoa to launch pioneer trade surveillance tech on LedgerX .
BTCXchange is a Romanian Bitcoin exchange and has ceased its services this week. Why was the Romanian Bitcoin exchange shut down?
Bitcoin price has recently dropped below a rising wedge formation, signifying that bearish pressure is picking up. Here is my BTCUSD Technical analysis
Ethereum price forecast: will Ethereum crash?
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
Following the 2017 Bitcoin Price Forecast let's cover Ethereum price forecast and see if Ethereum will crash. Step by stem reasons & explanation
13 JCBA members suspend Bitcoin service as a part of precautions ahead potential Bitcoin protocol split. How will this impact Bitcoin value?