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What drives Bitcoin back above $650?
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
The prices of cryptocurrency have soared 4% in the last 25 hours, as the USDBTC reached $659. What drives Bitcoin up this time?
PBOC Bitcoin Exchanges meeting highlights: The central bank of China has released an official statement on its website, where it outlined the details.
HYCM Now Offering Bitcoin Trading
May 03, 2018
HYCM Forex broker
HYCM Now Offering Bitcoin Trading! AtoZ Approved FCA authorized Forex Broker HYCM announced the launch of Bitcoin trading with the addition of BTC/USD
25 July Bitcoin technical analysis
May 03, 2018
AtoZ Contributors
Considering the high volatility nature of Bitcoin, its price fluctuates often. In order to be ready for today, see this 25 July Bitcoin technical analysis.
South African Central bank says it is too risky to launch South African cryptocurrency. Do the South Africans agree? Should we expect ZARcoin?
Alexander Vinnik extradited to the US. He will face up to 55 years in prison as Russian man is suspect in $4 billion Bitcoin laundering scheme.
Since almost the beginning of known history, money in one form or another has existed. Here, we look into the Bartering to Bitcoin history of Money.
Is Bitcoin a Threat to Global Economy? Some officials are concerned about cryptocurrency success, others don't see Bitcoin as big enough to pose any threat.
Bitcoin dropped significantly, as Hong Kong-based cryptocurrencies exchange Bitfinex reports the hacker attack. Is Bitcoin safe now?