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There is an exciting upgrade to Ethereum upcoming. As the revolution in cryptocurrency approaching, let's look at Ethereum Casper Hardfork details.
After approval, other interested can use the LedgerX platform to hedge bitcoin, as Ancoa to launch pioneer trade surveillance tech on LedgerX .
BTCXchange is a Romanian Bitcoin exchange and has ceased its services this week. Why was the Romanian Bitcoin exchange shut down?
Bitcoin price has recently dropped below a rising wedge formation, signifying that bearish pressure is picking up. Here is my BTCUSD Technical analysis
Cryptocurrencies are taking over the world! The new hit - Litecoin, is rashly growing popularity. Learn about key Bitcoin and Litecoin differences.
Will there be Bitcoin Blockchain split?
May 03, 2018
Kristina Frunze
Bitcoin miners locked in the BIP 91 earlier last week, but Bitcoin exchanges say they do not support UAHF. Will there be Bitcoin Blockchain split?
Russia's Finance Minister, Siluanov said that Russia is taking steps to allow cyptocurrency. Is Russia going to legitimize cryptocurrencies soon?
Putin calls for Russian Bitcoin Ban
May 03, 2018
Juhi Banu
Russian president now turns cold on cryptocurrencies after China banned on ICOs. Putin's bitcoin comments make us wonder Bitcoin is Pyramid Scheme or not?
One of the latest supervisors to look into the crypto regulation - New Zealand FMA. Are Cryptocurrencies Securities? New Zealand FMA says Yes!
JP Morgan Chase may add Bitcoin futures despite its CEO believes Bitcoin is fraud. Will JP Morgan trade Bitcoin futures soon?