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Cryptocurrency GPU mining is becoming a bubble these days. With so many users wanting to mine some of top 10 cryptocurrencies, the bubble can burst!
The 38-year-old Russian man was detained in a small village in northern Greece. US authorities suspect him of creating a $4 bln Bitcoin laundering scheme.
JP Morgan Chase CEO leveled harsh criticism about the major cryptocurrency Bitcoin. JP Morgan CEO says Bitcoin is fraud, but what are his arguments? 
Enthusiasm for digital currencies in Russia is increasing. As a result, Putin backs Russia cryptocurrency regulation after a high-level meeting.
Bitcoin scams in Australia are on the rise.The data shows 126% jump in the number of reports related to Australia Bitcoin scams in the week to October.
Following the path of the US SEC, the regulators from the Philippines soon will present the Philippines New Regulations for Bitcoin exchanges and ICOs.
Technical Bitcoin analysis into Jackson Hole
Technical Bitcoin analysis into Jackson Hole
May 03, 2018
Edmundas Povilavicius
The following is my top to bottom technical Bitcoin analysis ahead of Jackson Hole looking all the way from weekly, daily to hourly timeframes
Anthony Murgion, a co-conspirator of the Bitcoin exchange scheme, has pleaded guilty to three counts. How was the scheme operated?
Bitcoin price has hit new record high this Tuesday, passing the $1,700 level. What makes bitcoin prices rise? Market experts have different views...
CFTC approved Bitcoin Options Trading
CFTC approved Bitcoin Options Trading
May 03, 2018
While US regulators have not approved the Bitcoin ETF yet, the CFTC has no issues against Bitcoin Options trading. Positive Bitcoin news