Latest Bitcoin Technical Analaysis News

Bitcoin strikes higher impulsively after bouncing from $10,000 psychological level last week. Bitcoin bulls failed to hold bullish momentum.
Bitcoin has become impulsive after bouncing from $10,000 psychological support level. Bitcoin surged above $10,500 area.
Bitcoin bears have regained momentum and impulsively pushed the price down. Bitcoin nose dive below $10,500 area.
Bitcoin has become non-volatile and climbed higher with a strong bullish gap today. Bitcoin Breaks Above $11,550 psychological resistance.
Bitcoin has become impulsive and non-volatile and broke above $9500 resistance area. Bitcoin bull run may continue further.
Bitcoin has become volatile and currently residing insides the ranges of $10,000 to $9000 area. Bitcoin Bulls Holding the momentum.
Bitcoin failed to break above $10,000 area and pushed down quite aggressively. Bitcoin broke below $9500 psychological area with a daily impulsive candle.
Bitcoin has become extremely volatile while residing inside the ranges of $10,000 to $9000 area. Bitcoin all set to break above $10,000 psychological area.
Bitcoin is extremely corrective above $8500, after a strong bullish daily close. However, it has a higher possibility to reach the $10,000 level.
After a strong bullish daily close, Bitcoin is indecisive at $9000 level. it may move higher towards the $10,000 in the ciming days.