Latest Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis News

The recent price action suggests that Bitcoin may test the $8500 before moving higher. Let’s check Bitcoin Technical Analysis for more levels and insights.
Bitcoin price surges higher from the $8500 support area towards $9500. Will the uptrend continue? Let’s check the technical analysis for more insights.
Bitcoin price is slightly higher in early week trade, following another a quick recovery towards the $10,600 resistance level earlier today.
Bitcoin price has suffered heavy losses after the number one cryptocurrency was strongly rejected from just under the $11,000 level earlier this week.
Bitcoin price is attempting to recover upside momentum after the number one cryptocurrency found strong support from the $9,400 level.
Bitcoin price has lost its short-term bullish status after slipping below the $11,100 level as the broader market suffers a protracted decline.
Bitcoin price is attempting to regain short-term upside momentum, following a strong corrective move lower from the $12,300 resistance level.
Bitcoin price is starting to build strength in early week trade, following a successful break above the top-end of the number one crypto’s short-term price
Bitcoin price attempts to come out of the bearish loop, takes a leap towards price recovery, and trades above $10,000.
Bitcoin price is lacking a clear direction over the short-term, as the BTCUSD pair continues to struggle around the $10,000 resistance level.