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Bitcoin Cash has experienced another hard fork according to the previously estimated time. But will BCH ABC disappear?
This article explains the difference between BSV vs. BTC vs. BCH and explain why the most recent Bitcoin SV is the go-to digital currency today.
Bitcoin Cash’s hash rate has increased more than 90% after the BTC halving event. The hash rate of BSV has also seen an increase.
The coronavirus adverse impact on cryptocurrency markets was not what many analysts expected. How will the crisis impact the crypto market further?   
Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) has just completed its first halving and cut its miners’ block reward in half for the first time. 
How did Bitcoin Cash Halving Impact BCH Prices?
Apr 09, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Bitcoin Cash halving already took place on Wednesday, the 8th of April 2020. How did it impact Bitcoin Cash price and its hash rate? plans to set up a $ 200 million Bitcoin Cash investment fund next year. The fund aims to increase the adoption rate of bitcoin cash (BCH).
Tim Draper expects Bitcoin Price to hit $250,000, while analysts project alt-season to start in 2020. Here is our top 10 cryptocurrency 2019 list.
Barclays ends the Coinbase banking relationship that began in March 2018, losing its access to the FPS for fiat settlements.
No doubt, there is a considerable slice of people know what is Bitcoin and Bitcoin Futures today, or heard of it at least and have an idea.