Latest Binance News

Japanese crypto exchange Fisco is suing Binance for allegedly facilitating the laundering of more than $9 million of stolen Bitcoin.
Binance has announced a DDoS attack on its Chinese domains. Binance's CEO confirmed the news today after several hours of rumors about the event.
The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched its mining pool amid concerns about the centralization of hashing power.
Binance has launched a new cryptocurrency payments app called "Bundle" in Nigeria. Users can request, send, and receive cash or crypto from their peers.
Binance Charged With $860K Worth of Crypto Funds
Apr 09, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
The account holder accuses the embezzlement platform, but the Binance claims it simply followed the requirements of the South Korean police.
Eleven class action lawsuits are filed against the major crypto exchanges, including Binance and BitMEX, at a federal court in Manhattan.
Binance has officially announced its acquisition of CoinMarketCap, the popular aggregator for exchange volume and cryptocurrency pricing data.
Binance is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire CoinMarketCap. The crypto exchange is seeking to pay up to $ 400 million for the deal.
Binance just moved $ 470.8 million worth of 76,125 bitcoins for only $1.50 fee. According to the Binance CEO, the actual transfer was 10,000 BTC.
The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has clarified that Binance crypto exchange has never been athurorized to operate in the island nation.