Latest Binance News

Binance Coin overtakes Tether to become the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum.
The Arkhangelsk Regional Court in Russia has overturned the decision to block the website of the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance.
Binance crypto exchange has suspended trading due to a potential matching error. However, Binance team is already working to restore trading.
Binance has announced a strategic partnership with blockchain company Chiliz, to issue fan tokens for sports and entertainment clubs.
Binance has sued Forbes for defamation over a story that reveals regulatory evasion tactics employed by the cryptocurrency exchange.
Infura, a provider of infrastructure solutions for the Ethereum network, is experiencing a service outage, thus causing a delay in the flows of ETH.
Crypto exchange Binance has begun blocking U.S. users from accessing its exchange platform, advising them to withdraw funds within 90 days.
Binance has announced the successful recovery of $344,000 in funds from the attempted exit scam of Wine Swap, a DeFi project.
Japanese crypto exchange Fisco is suing Binance for allegedly facilitating the laundering of more than $9 million of stolen Bitcoin.
Binance has announced a DDoS attack on its Chinese domains. Binance's CEO confirmed the news today after several hours of rumors about the event.