Latest Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange News

Binance coin price continues increasing
May 20, 2019
Maya Mandz
According to the latest reports, Binance coin price continues its growth reaching $29.83 early today.
Changpeng Zhao during one of the meetings has revealed, to the crypto community how Binance managed the recent $40m worth Bitcoin theft.
As an apology for weeks of service hiatus due to the recent hack incident, the largest crypto exchange Binance gives away BNB tokens.
After the serious security breach which cost the largest crypto exchange almost $41 million loss, Binance resumes withdrawals and deposits.
Blockchain Transparency Institute claims Binance exchange is wash trading, while US-based exchange Kraken is the "cleanest" in the crypto space.
Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency has finally introduced Binance decentralized exchange on its native blockchain. 
CZ Says Binance Chain is Not Ethereum Killer
Apr 22, 2019
Maya Mandzikasvili
Against the launch of the long-awaited new blockchain Binance Chain, the company’s CEO Changpeng Zhao(CZ) noted that Binance Chain is not Ethereum killer.
Following the tragedy of the Notre Dame cathedral, the crypto exchange Binance has launched a Notre Dame crypto donation program to support its renovation.
Binance noted on Twitter that today marks the birth of a new genesis block, giving a hint that Binance DEX launch is going to happen soon.
The cat is out of the bag! Binance wallet supports Credit Card purchases and XRP according to an official press release shared.