Latest Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange News

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has listed the first direct fiat to crypto trading pairs, starting with Nigeria fiat currency naira (NGN).
Binance is adding support for fiat cryptocurrency trading in the next two weeks, and the first currency will be the Russian ruble.
Customers of major crypto exchange Binance can now purchase crypto directly using credit and debit cards via payment processing company Koinal.
Participating in yet another strategic round, crypto exchange Binance has made an investment in Chinese media firm Mars Finance.
Binance Futures trading platform will launch soon according to the announcement made earlier today by the CEO of the crypto exchange.
Binance, one of the world’s biggest digital asset exchanges, has launched crypto lending services in its bid to attract customer deposits.
The cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has just published a statement against the background of the news of Binance KYC data breach recently.
 In spite of the spike in price Bitcoin has shown so far this year, climbing over 200%, pricing the coin at around $14,000, after the drastic decline over
Binance will be launching tokens on Binance Chain. The Binance Bitcoin-pegged token will be traded on the crypto platform.
Major cryptocurrency exchange, Binance lowers fee structure after 2019 BNB price rally. This announcement was made in a blog post published on June 12.