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AUDUSD Technical Outlook
May 03, 2018
The 6 December AUDUSD Technical Outlook shows that the Australian Dollar fell below expectation on Wednesday after official Gross Domestic Product figures.
Following the release of partial data for Australian economy this week, an analyst has shared his expectations for tomorrow’s Q4 GDP print on the 6 March Australia Q4 GDP Growth Forecast. Click here to stay informed.
Analysts say Australia's economy is gradually improving despite a weak 2017 growth. What is their forecast for 2018? Learn this from the 14 March Australia 2018 Economic Growth Forecast.
Canada GDP data impress, oil strengthens
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
The Canada GDP data showed a growth of 0.2%, better than expected 0.1% growth. Crude oil prices have been trending higher on hopes that a deal will be
The Aussie rallied on Australia growth at four-year high. While the pound fell after recent Brexit poll result has sent the pound crashing. Just a few weeks
The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released the GDP figures for the Q2. HotForex shares their Post-Australian GDP AUDUSD outlook.