Latest AUDUSD Outlook News

AUDUSD bears have regained momentum after rejecting 0.8010 to 0.7980 key resistance area. AUDUSD bounced upward.
AUDUSD strikes upward after bouncing from 0.7720 to 0.7730 support area. AUDUSD holding the bullish bias over 0.7800 area.
AUDUSD broke over 0.7740 to 0.7750 resistance level last on last week's Friday with a daily bullish pin bar. AUDUSD climbed over.
AUDUSD has become impulsive and non-volatile after bouncing from 0.7600 to 0.7620 support level. AUDUSD found support.
AUDUSD has become impulsive and non-volatile after rejecting 0.7810 to 0.7800 resistance level. AUDUSD faced resistance.
29th Oct 2014 AUD/USD Analysis
May 03, 2018
Aman Sonewane
AUDUSD breaks 0.78 level after 0.80 ceiling holds as traders await for several data releases tomorrow
AUDUSD fails to break above major trend line and continues on the bearish run with low volatility due to the release of FOMC Statement
AUDUSD trades in sideways motion, sitting on 0.7840.