Latest AUDUSD Forecast News

AUDUSD bears have regained momentum after rejecting 0.8010 to 0.7980 key resistance area. AUDUSD bounced upward.
AUDUSD strikes upward after bouncing from 0.7720 to 0.7730 support area. AUDUSD holding the bullish bias over 0.7800 area.
AUDUSD broke over 0.7740 to 0.7750 resistance level last on last week's Friday with a daily bullish pin bar. AUDUSD climbed over.
AUDUSD rose today morning during the Asian session, but still residing inside the ranges of 0.7820 to 0.7660 area. AUDUSD remains below.
AUDUSD rose today morning during the Asian session as bulls are still optimistic. AUDUSD sustains above 0.7600 event level.
AUDUSD has become volatile and corrective after rejecting 0.7325 to 0.7340 area. AUDUSD facing resistance around 0.7325 to 0.7340 area.
AUDUSD has become impulsive and strikes upside today during the Asian session. AUDUSD sustains above 0.7200 support area. 
AUDUSD started trading today with a bearish gap but still holding the bullish momentum above 0.72 area. AUDUSD bulls regained momentum.