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ASIC has canceled the AFS license of Halifax Investment Services after it was placed into liquidation about two years ago.
Top 5 ASIC Forex Brokers in 2021
Jan 05, 2021
Find AtoZ Markets's top 5 ASIC Forex brokers in 2021 and learn more about the benefits of trading with ASIC regulated Forex brokers.
ASIC is suing USGFX and two other forex brokers for offering their services in China despite repeated warnings of illegal activities.
ASIC has on Friday announced the cancellation the AFS license of Jels Financial Group and Selectinvest? Why did ASIC cancel their license?
ASIC has announced that the former Australian Bitconnect promoter John Bigatton has been charged with a raft of cryptocurrency-related scam.
The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) cash equity market trading platform did not reopen today after an outage occurred during the opening auction.
An Australian court fined Mark Damion Kawecki, a former financial advisor $30,000 for dishonestly helping companies get listed on the ASX.
A Sigma general manager, Michael Story could be facing 20 years in jail after Australia regulator, ASIC charged him with insider trading.
ASIC has passed a product intervention order where it has enforced terms on the issuance plus the allocation of CFDs to retail customers.
Societe Generale securities Australia fined $30,000 for breaching client money obligations, Australia’s regulator ASIC said today.