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EU membership ruling by UK High Court on the right of the UK government to invoke Article 50 without consulting UK Parliament. Further pressure on GBP?
The following is the technical analysis of GBPUSD ahead FOMC meeting based on 15 March Pre-FOMC GBPUSD Elliott wave analysis.
Article 50 Brexit court has ruled out that the UK government must consult parliament to trigger Article 50. Will MPs ultimately vote to leave?
We are expecting the US existing home sales report, the crude oil inventories and New Zealand’s rate decision today, as we look at the daily Forex news.
Article 50 Author sees the possibility of UK as a part of the EU, after triggering its formal Brexit talks with the European Union.
Is the impulse wave symbolic of what could happen? The following is a technical view based on GBPUSD weekly Elliott wave analysis ahead Article 50.
The high court of Britain decided that MPs will need to vote first, before Article 50 can be invoked.Will the UK High Court Ruling lead to Soft Brexit?
Will the bullish trend be strong enough to knock off 1.083 resistance or will surrender and go bearish based on 27-31 Weekly EURUSD Elliott wave analysis?
Theresa May's team works on new Article 50 fast-track Brexit bill, as the Prime Minister of the UK is appealing the High Court decision this December.
We will witness Brexit trigger today, as the UK PM Theresa May has inked the documents for the invocation of the Article 50. Who will be in charge of talks?