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Crude oil price spiked by as much as 19.5% as the markets reopened after the weekend attacks on Saudi Arabia’s biggest refinery.
Dovish Light Crude Oil forms new low in 2015 after breaking support of 46.82, the support of the sideways trend last week.
Light Crude Oil prices rebounds away from Fibonacci Expansion 127.2% at 48.43 and a possible inverse head and shoulders pattern starts to form
Light Crude Oil prices broke above the yearly resistance at 54 and may be set to head towards 60 in the long run
11/06 - Crude Oil climb past resistance
May 03, 2018
Aman Sonewane
Crude Oil climb past resistance at 61.80. Crude Oil price rose to the highest level in a week on Wednesday, on the back of weaker U.S. Crude inventories data
23rd Oct 2014 Light Crude Oil Analysis
May 03, 2018
Aman Sonewane
Light Crude Oil prices consolidates due to mismatch between what is said and done within the OPEC
Light Crude Oil prices find exhaustion at Fibonacci Expansion 161.8% at 43.45 where we may see a ranging market between 44.57 and 43.69