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China's proposed new digital currency will bear some similarities to Facebook's Libra coin and would be able to be used across major payment platforms.
Alibaba Launches Cryptocurrency Mining Platform despite the increased attention from the Chinese authorities. Why did Jack Ma change his mind over cryptocurrency market?
Alibaba & Baidu inclusion on MSCI indices
Alibaba & Baidu inclusion on MSCI indices
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
In coming weeks,, Alibaba & Baidu inclusion on MSCI indices will take place. The market reaction on the inclusion of these most-traded Chinese stocks
25 - 31 October CrowdTrading
25 - 31 October CrowdTrading
May 03, 2018
From CrowdTrading perspective we can see that over 75% of the traders globally anticipate Euro to appreciate against the USD
Alibaba share value drop is observed in the midst of an SEC investigation surrounding it's accounting activities. Marking, an undesirable outcome for the
The Yahoo sold its “core business” to Verizon for $4.8 billion. Now the main question is: What’s next for YJFX after Yahoo acquisition?