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How to Choose Best Algorithmic Trading Software
Nov 18, 2019
MD Rockybul Hasan
Choosing the best algorithmic trading software is sometimes challenging for the Traders. However, traders can either buy or build the software on their own.
The global algorithmic trading in the forex market is expected to grow in the future. Squared Direct's Head of Brokerage, Michael Kopanakis elaborated more
According to a new Algo trading market research report, the global Algo Trading Market size is expected to 18.8USD billion by 2024.
Further to the limitations placed on involvement in binary options in Israel, the regulators are also planning an outright ban on any trading on stocks ....
The Tel Aviv district court has ruled against ISA algo trading case with USG Capital. Marking for the first time in history, that a broker from Israel is
USG Capital ISA Liquidation
May 03, 2018
Siddhanth Poonja
According to the court documents, it is suggested that the unforeseen USG Capital ISA liquidation was impacted by the earlier ISA charges on the broker’s