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Dutch Central Bank will regulate crypto exchanges and certain cash payments come 2020 due to money laundering concerns.
UK Financial Conduct Authority and Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets have announced about their closer partnership in case of the hard Brexit.
Dutch regulator bans Binary Options permanently and to restrict the marketing or sales of CFDs to retail investors in and from The Netherlands.
ISA overseas Binary Options marketing ban is one step closer. What does the new Memorandum of law say from the Israeli Ministry of Finance?
MFSA and AFM issue Boiler Room warning
MFSA and AFM issue Boiler Room warning
May 03, 2018
In a recent press release, both MFSA and AFM issue joint warning against Boiler Room and advise any person to avoid any contact with the alleged entity; Peritus Capital Inc.
Dutch AFM Binary Options Advertisement ban is becoming a reality! The report from the regulator suggests activating the ban in the middle of 2017.
AFM and Optieclub battle over license
AFM and Optieclub battle over license
May 03, 2018
Nasir Mohammad
AFM and Optieclub battle over license. The court’s decision also puts increased pressure on the watchdog. AFM is also expected to pay some legal fees to the
The Dutch regulator AFM issues the first Dutch binary options license in line with the MiFID terms and conditions. AFM issued the license under protest ....
Following the footsteps of the Dutch AFM, the UK government is in the process of designing a regulatory framework for Binary options. UK to treat Binary options as an Investment vehicle?
The binary options market takes another hit, as the Dutch AFM is about to ban Binary Options advertising. What will be left of the binary options market?