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Press Releases

Press release (PR) is one of the most important and reliable ways of transmitting information to the media, and exactly in the form you need. A PR is a message of important news or useful information about a company, person, new products or events.

Placing press releases is a traditional and effective way to promote your business. It allows organizations to announce themselves and their products and services to the widest possible audience.

Press releases from AtoZMarkets are up-to-date news as we regularly publish official press releases of stock exchanges, Forex brokers and crypto exchanges.

You can find out the latest Forex news, stocks news and crypto news in the corresponding section on the main page.

Forex news press release

You can read daily forex news from our writers. AtoZMarkets publishes only fresh and reliable Forex news that has the strongest impact on the market. 

 Here you can read our Forex market analysis and find out the latest forecast of the Forex market for today and tomorrow. Every day we monitor the macroeconomic situation in the world, tell you about the most significant events and their impact on the rates of major currencies.

 Stock news press release

The global stock market is rapidly evolving and presents a huge opportunity to profitably invest. 

Comments on the stock market and the promptness of obtaining forecasts of the dynamics of the stock market, and high-quality reviews of the stock market, allow making timely decisions in everyday trading, taking into account the current situation on world exchanges.

On AtoZMarkets, you will find all the freshest and most relevant stock news.

The reviews and stock analytics published in the section will help to have an idea and assess the events taking place in the stock market and the securities market.

Crypto news press release

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing; they are perceived as a convenient and promising financial instrument. More and more investors are entering the cryptocurrency market, investors are flowing from the stock market. Now almost every day there is crypto news that global trading platforms are accepting bitcoin as a means of payment.

On this site, you can read the latest crypto news and find out the crypto market forecast for today and tomorrow. 

AtoZMarkets press release

If you set a goal to draw attention to your information, then AtoZMarkets will become your reliable assistant in this matter. Thanks to the portal, your press release will be seen by our readers, your clients and partners.


AtoZMarkets enables representatives of companies and organizations to independently post a press release when registering on the website. The main feature of is that all publications fall into the archives and will be available from the search for a long time. You just need to add the press release to the news feed.


AtoZMarkets offers its customers a subscription service that allows companies to regularly publish press releases on favorable terms. In addition, the business portal makes it possible

to more fully tell about the life of the company by adding photos and videos,personas and quotes from employees. All information materials have active links and will lead potential customers to your resource.