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How to Trade SILVER - Meaning, Interpreting, News

Unlike gold, silver is not only traded as a financial asset. This precious metal is widely used in industry. In forex, silver is designated as XAG. The main exchanges where the silver commodity is traded are the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYME), the London Metal Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). The silver commodity is traded from 2:16 to 00:00 GMT, i.e. more than 21 hours a day.


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Silver commodity

Not so long ago, the value of silver per ounce became very popular. The precious metal prices today are indeed highly volatile compared to gold, but the silver commodity offers equally impressive protection against inflation and market fluctuations. On the plus side, the cost of silver per ounce is lower compared to gold.

Another reason for the popularity of Comex silver futures is that 50% of the demand comes from industry. This means that even if the investment market is hit, the asset can always be sold to manufacturing enterprises.

What, however, affects the silver price per troy ounce?

  1. Supply and demand of silver. Like any other product, the silver price per ounce is determined by changes in supply and demand. The demand also includes industrial demand for the silver commodity.
  2. Technology. Silver’s industrial applications include green technology and solar PV systems. Their high demand affects precious metal prices today.
  3. Silver price in US dollar. Since silver is quoted in US dollars, 1 oz silver price is inversely proportional to the value of that currency. A strong dollar pushes 1 oz of silver worth lower, which is often seen as a good buying opportunity.

Silver real price

This page displays a silver live chart on the Forex spot market. With the help of a silver bar chart, you have the opportunity to monitor the dynamics of the change in the silver market price.

Looking at the silver price graph and seeing the fluctuations in silver trading prices over the past five decades, it’s hard not to notice the extreme rise towards the end of 1979, also known as the Silver Peak. In the 1970s, the silver market price jumped from 5 cents to $1.15 per gram. By the end of 1980, silver futures price had dropped almost to what it had been just 12 months ago.

That said, let’s take a look at the XAG forex trading example.

Let’s assume that your technical analysis on the daily silver prices chart indicates a high likelihood of a drop in the current price of silver today. You sell one troy ounce silver trade unit of XAG/USD at $16.38. This position size equals $50 in profit or loss for every 1 cent move in the rate today silver.

Later that day, the silver market price is trading at $16.25 and you decide to close your position. The profit generated from the trade is calculated as follows: price change in cents x $50 = 13 x $50 = $650.

Silver price news

First of all, let’s say that silver pricing today, unlike gold, does not react to various silver market news, and therefore the trend for it is always quite stable. This makes silver futures contracts more preferable for novice traders than gold.

Of course, when starting to trade live silver prices on the stock exchange, it is necessary to find out from silver price news whether there have been any recent reports of a decrease or increase in metal production, an increase in demand (this very often happens during economic crises), whether silver consumption in the industrial sector has increased, etc. … Also definitely on the silver futures charts is influenced by both US silver futures news and the value of silver price in us dollar

For example, if the quotes of the US dollar fall, then most likely, the value of silver futures quotes will also decline. Silver trades are best opened for 15-30 minutes.

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