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AtoZ Markets Lot Calculator - Risk management tool
Feb. 3, 2019
AtoZ Forex Lot Calculator excel sheet is a simple offline trading tool which will enable you to use the right lot size for every entry you make.
Fibonacci Miracle Trading System (indicator+template)
Feb. 3, 2019
Fibonacci Miracle Trading System is a combination of Fibonacci Miracle indicator with 50 period and 200 period SMA providing easy entry and exit points
HalfTrend v1.02 Indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
HalfTrend v1.02 Indicator will help you to eliminate the noise in the market and combined with the 50 period SMA to maximize your profitability
BreakOut Panca Eagle
Feb. 3, 2019
BreakOut PANCA EAGLE indicator is a Forex custom indicator for MT4 and MT5. You can combine it with 50 period SMA for maximized results.
Fibo Pivot Point Candle Bar
Feb. 3, 2019
Fibo Pivot Point Candle Bar indicator is a composite of several indicators combined, including: Fibonacci, Pivot Point, ZigZag, MACD & Relative Vigor Index.
Blue spread indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Blue Spread indicator is just a simple visual tool enabling traders to be aware of their spread as long as they can see their charts.
Spread Indicator mt4
Feb. 3, 2019
The spread Indicator mt4 will help you to see your real live spread. When you add the indicator on the chart, you are able to change these settings on input
GRF Leading Edge indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
GRF Leading Edge indicator enables traders to see potential trend reversal and correction levels. Download it for free on AtoZ Forex
Pirson indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
A guide to using the Pirson custom indicator and a free download available on AtoZ Forex.
AFStar Indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
A guide to using the AFStar custom indicator and a free download on AtoZ Forex.