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Stretch indicator
Apr. 30, 2019
Download the Stretch indicator from AtoZMarkets gallery, which uses the absolute difference value of 10 SMA between open and either the high or low.
Camarilla indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Camarilla indicator, also known as Camarilla pivot points, draws precise support, resistance, target and breakout levels for intra-day trading
Forex Freedom Bar indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Forex Freedom Bar indicator is based on CCI (Commodity Channel Index) indicator which is displayed for four different time-frames
3LineBreak indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
3LineBreak indicator eliminates market noise from charts and allows to focus on the trend by following the price action
WTR Accurate Binary Arrow Indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Download the WTR Accurate Binary Arrow indicator for free on AtoZ Forex to identify and accurately point buy & sell signals
Value Chart Delux Indicator
Apr. 30, 2019
The Value Chart Delux indicator was developed to show the valuation of the market and it could be described as a DeTrended Oscillator in which the higher or lower the value on the Value Chart the more likely the market is to reverse direction.
Forex Trading Journal
Feb. 3, 2019
Want to improve your trading? Start utilizing free Forex Trading Journal now, keep track of the trades you’ve made and learn from your actions.
ZMFX Forex Trend v3
Feb. 3, 2019
Download ZMFX Forex Trend v3 indicator for free on AtoZ Forex. It will allow you to look at 8 currency pairs and their 5 indicators in just one view.
ShmenTrendline indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
ShmenTrendline indicator automatically draws trend lines on all pairs and time-frames. Download it free from AtoZ Forex.
Price - EMAs indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Price - EMAs indicator shows the distance between the open candle's price and three different EMAs in pips. The difference is projecting in data window
Brother2 Indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Brother2 indicator provides all the necessary information traders need to know from and about their brokers. The indicator is compatible with all timeframes
Forex Profit Supreme Bars Indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Forex Profit Supreme Bars Indicator colors the bars which are overbought or oversold based on the RSI
Mouteki Demark indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Mouteki Demark indicator draws sell and buy signals on candles highs and lows. Together with an automatic trend line and take profit drawing features
Bear Naked Pattern
Feb. 3, 2019
Bear Naked Pattern indicator identifies and points buy and sell signals based on CCI and MA crossovers and works best on minutely time-frames
MWD PP & Daily Shifting Pivot Point indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
The Pivot Point set contains two indicators: MWD PP & Daily Shifting Pivot Point indicator
B. Williams Stop Loss indicator
Feb. 3, 2019
Easy to use B. Williams Stop Loss indicator calculator using Bill Williams’ technique for any pair and timeframe
Yagub Rahimov's Simple Trading Strategy
Feb. 3, 2019
Although Simple Trading Strategy was initially intended to go for only 500 traders, due to massive demand we have decided to make it public for limited time. Download your strategy now!
Auto Session Indicator mt4
Feb. 3, 2019
Auto session indicator is one of the all time most popular mt4 indicator. If you haven’t used it, Auto Session Indicator places lines at the session open
CCFp indicator - 8 pairs in 1
Feb. 3, 2019
Trend following CCFp indicator is based on Moving Averages and aims to measure the relative strength of 8 major currencies against their major counterparts.
AtoZ Markets Lot Calculator - Risk management tool
Feb. 3, 2019
AtoZ Forex Lot Calculator excel sheet is a simple offline trading tool which will enable you to use the right lot size for every entry you make.