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ICO ratings can be bought. Here is how.
ICO ratings can be bought. Here is how.
Jun 18, 2018
patrick makedonas
Even as cryptocurrency prices continue to decline in 2018, investors’ interest for promising ICOs is still building up as startups are still raising millions of dollars through the new crowdfunding model. ICOs have attracted over $9 billion so far in 2018, more than twice the amount raised in 2017..
A quick overview of the top healthcare altcoins and up coming ICOs in 2018. Covering different segments of the medical industry, medical records, dental sector, nursing sector.
Top 5 ICOs for June
Top 5 ICOs for June
May 21, 2018
patrick makedonas
Nowadays, there are so many ICOs happening, it is hard to tell which ones really stand out. The Top 5 ICOs for June, is a list intended to help you with your research. The selected ICOs are in no particular order and should not be taken as investment advice.
The world's first 0% commission insurance on the blockchain. Vernam ICO revolutionizes the insurance industry by implementing a high-end technological solution which will lower the cost of insurance services while making the business way more efficient for all parties.
IMF says cryptos do not pose risks for financial stability, adding that “...they could [pose a risk] should their use become more widespread without the appropriate safeguards.”