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SEC sues KIN Coin ICO

Maya Mandzikasvili | Jun. 5, 2019
A recent study funded by both the Canadian government, and the University of British Colombia (UBC), shows that Initial Coin Offering, or what is known as ICOs, are undergoing regulatory restrictions, the study identified as “compliance trilemma”.
The US SEC might put its hands on US crypto exchanges who are breaking the law through their involvement in initial coin offerings (ICOs).
France is in minority on ICO market, AMF says
Maya Mandzikasvili | Nov. 15, 2018
According to the AMF report, France is in minority of the global ICO market, with 15 ICO projects and 89 million Euros ($100M)
People's Bank of China has issued a warning about the bubble risk posed by financing and investments on cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin, and Initial Coin Offerings in particular.
In a press release issued Nov. 08, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Zachary Coburn, the founder of crypto token trading platform EtherDelta, with operating an unauthorized securities exchange.
Japan Considers Regulating ICOs Soon
Maya Mandzikasvili | Dec. 3, 2018
As the local press reports, the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) will soon introduce a new bill on ICO regulations to the parliament. According to the media, the new regulations are supposed to protect private cryptocurrency investors and will involve investment limits. All the organizers of the ICO will have to be registered with the FSA, the press of Japan reported.
Cryptos are ‘New Institutional Investment Class’, and the surprises they can bring are yet to come. Market demands are “motivating” and help the company integrate in the industry.
It has been ten years today since the first proposal for issuing a new currency, that is radically different from the ordinary fiat currency circulated in the market. Ten years since the concept of buying and trading started to be prone to changing, between ebb and flow. Ten years of Bitcoin- the virtual electronic currency Satoshi Nakamoto proposed to emerge the market, which later got to be known as “cryptocurrency”.
ERC20 Developer Proposes Reversible ICO Concept
Kristina Frunze | Oct. 31, 2018
Fabian Vogelsteller, one of the ERC20 developers, suggested a new reversible initial coin offering concept during the Devcon4 in Prague. He stated that he feels 'obligated' to propose an ICO alternative.
The UK Crypto Taskforce releases a final report, where it outlines a number of proposed changes for cryptocurrency regulation in the country. In the report, the organization differentiates cryptoassets by three key types.
The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an investment warning against unregistered ICOs in the country, which operate without registration or supervision, as per the Bangkok Post.
Taiwanese legislator Jason Hsu has published a set of policy recommendations, for aiding cryptocurrency startups in the country.