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SEC sues KIN Coin ICO

Maya Mandzikasvili | Jun. 5, 2019
What Is Awaiting Cryptocurrency and ICOs in 2019?
Maya Mandzikasvili | Dec. 18, 2018
Active growth of the crypto market with a number of unsuccessful projects raise a question about the future of the cryptocurrency and blockchain in 2019. Experts claim that in order to have high chances of a long-term role in the market, blockchain applications and crypto assets must provide users with real financial results.
Not All ICO Startups Will Survive This Winter
Maya Mandzikasvili | Dec. 17, 2018
Due to the serious underperformance of the tokens generated via initial coin offerings (ICO), compared to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), many projects funded by ICO had to take drastic measures to survive.
A blockchain startup in South Korea, as per the local media, will file a constitutional appeal against the ban on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), which the government imposes in the country.
A new attempt for putting a limit for all the current controversy with regard to cryptocurrency and ICOs and how they should be treated and classified.
The Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) is reportedly studying imposing more restrictions on the cryptocurrency and token market sectors, as per media outlets.
Court Rules Against SEC in ICO Lawsuit
Samson Ononeme | Dec. 4, 2018
A federal judge has denied the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a preliminary injunction against Blockvest after he granted a temporary restraining order on the same issue.
The South Korean Ministry of Finance has recently announced that it is considering imposing taxes on cryptocurrency trading in the country.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore has released a guide for businesses that want to make money through an ICOs in the city-state.
Not disclosing they were paid for promoting the campaign seems to be the top reason for charging the two celebrities, and the SEC tightens its grip on the incident at the fist occurrence, to cut the way for to happen again, which comes as part of its crackdown on ICOs that has been going on for over a year so far.
Crypto Investor Barry Silbert Says ICO Market Is Dead
Maya Mandzikasvili | Nov. 29, 2018
Barry Silbert the founder of the crypto investment fund Digital Currency Group, has recently shared his thoughts with the media about crypto and ICO future.
The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) has issued a licence to The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) for conducting related operations.
Blockchain attorney Stephen Palley has shared his opinion on Bitcoin tumbling below the $5,000 mark. He said he doesn't see a connection between the recent SEC activity and the price of cryptocurrency.