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How we conduct exchange reviews

Our reviews on crypto exchanges, in a matter of fact, are team-exhausting. This is due to that the task here is harder than reviewing other areas in the market, because crypto exchanges usually are not regulated as known. Hence, we take conducting a rigorous and thorough study on them as serious as it should be.

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In this scale, all crypto exchanges are the same to us at AtoZ Markets, and holding a twinkling name doesn’t mean the crypto exchange will not go through the same testing stages other ones of low profiles did. For that we care for our name’s reputation we fought for, we take in our consideration the following points when reviewing an exchange for our readers and traders:

  • Trust/Reputation
  • Liquidity
  • Fees
  • Legal Structure
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Withdrawals
  • Customer Support

As trust and reputation seem to be the most two factors that can either elevate a crypto exchange in the market or throw it down, this is definitely a point to inspect in our studies, looking at the history of the crypto exchange in review, and checking some feedbacks as well from the exchange’s customers.

In addition to verifying the aforementioned our own way, as a final thought before making our minds on this point, so we bring the reader and trader alike, a solid background they can depend on in their plan, whether they can consider the crypto exchange in question as a destination to make their trades or not.

Liquidity and Fees, including those of withdrawals, are definitely a provision a trader will look at when conducting a research on an exchange. Hence, we have make a good read on that and checking with the exchange itself, to make sure all the information we could obtain are up-to-date and accurate.

And while the last two basic points are into our deep interest and consideration, the technical parts are still covered in our review on an exchange, where it is important to us to give the reader and trader a like a feel about how the website of the exchange look like, and most importantly, how the customer care service of the exchange in review work and how they handle the problems and complaints their customers report and file.