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Is Forex Halal or Haram in Islam?

Apr 06, 2020
Yagub Rahimov
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Is Forex Halal or Haram in Islam?
Is Forex Halal or Haram in Islam?
Apr 06, 2020
Yagub Rahimov
Is forex halal or haram? This is the most common question Muslims ask since Islamic law prohibits them from earning interest on their giving.
Is it possible to get free Bitcoins? Yes. Iit’s probably easier than you expect. In this article, we'll explore several ways to earn free BTC in 2020.
Monash University COVID19 Breakthrough drug could stop the pandemic. The saviour could be 1980s drug used to Treat Head Lice.
Decentralized Finance is one of the hottest topics in the crypto world. Does the Future of Decentralized Finance Look Bright? Let's unlock the answer.
COVID-19 economic impact has started to rise globally. Reduction in social interaction & increase in quarantine are indicating a global economic recession.
Correlation in forex trading is used to minimize risks and diversify portfolio. Let's have a look how you can use it in your trading activity.
Most investors are now thinking about how to manage risk because of the volatile market. In this article, we will discuss some key risk management rules.
Coronavirus is affecting the Bitcoin price along with other markets. Therefore, it is high time to see how Bitcoin reacts on the crisis like coronavirus.
Cryptocurrency forks split the coin into two pieces that creates new cryptocurrency. The fork might be done intentionaly or due to the split of community.
It is crucial for traders to know how to trade exhaustion. Sometimes market moves to one side with massive speed but cannot sustain it. Let's see in detail
Advantages and Disadvantages of CFD Trading
Advantages and Disadvantages of CFD Trading
Mar 19, 2020
Amandeep Sonewane
CFD Trading stands for Contract for Differences which is a financial contract that pays the difference between opening value and closing value.
You know you can trade intraday using support and resistance levels? It's a simple and straight forward method thay every new trader can make money from it.
Is there any possibility that the Bitcoin bubble may burst due to coronavirus pandemic fear? Let's have a look whether bitcoin a bubble or not.
Bitcoin futures trading is an effective way to hedge crypto related risks. There are some other things you should know about Bitcoin futures trading.
Dynamic levels in forex trading are evolving support and resistance levels that change with price. We can use dynamic levels as a strong price actions tools
How the market will react if you trade with big Crypto volumes? Will the market collapse? Let's find the answer about how to trade big crypto volumes.
There is much pressure on the Fed and BoJ this week. Get more insights for the new trading week with AtoZ Markets' Forex Weekly Fundamental Forecast.
The list of 2020 financial events canceled due to coronavirus includes events from Facebook, HIMSS, SXSW, IBM, Google and many more. 
Although, the basic outlook is same there are several differences between MT4 and MT5 trading platform platforms that a trader should know.
Pinbar trading strategy is suitable for all level of traders. Let's look in detail how the pinbar works with entry, exit and other trading elements.