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Crude oil Price spikes after attack on Aramco facilities

Squared Direct | Sep. 16, 2019
FXCM August MoM Retail Volumes up by 14%
TargetSignal | Sep. 10, 2014
The biggest US based multi-asset broker dealer FXCM sees 14% MoM retail volume rise, meanwhile institutional volume sees 2% decline over July.
The UK Regulatory Watchdog further alerts that Carrington Group LLC is not authorized under the Financial Services and Markets Act 200 (FSMA) to perform regulated financial services activities in The UK.
The Dutch financial markets regulator, The Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has issued a public warning against the unauthorized activities of Green Seed Capital.
08 September Crude Oil Analysis
TargetSignal | Sep. 8, 2014
Crude Oil begun the second week of September finding its support at 92.9, retesting the low at the start of the month. Closest resistance expected is seen at 95 level as seen from the Fibonacci extension, with bullish entries only considered once the market closes above the 8 day moving average in red.
08 September GOLD Analysis
TargetSignal | Sep. 8, 2014
Gold has retested the Fibonacci extension 1272.2% of the downtrend and rebounded. Aggressive buyers may enter now and keep a tight stop loss below 1260, targeting 1275 –1279 before shifting stop loss to entry price.
08 September USD/JPY technical analysis
TargetSignal | Sep. 8, 2014
With no interference from the BOJ, the USD/JPY pair is likely to resist at 105 –105.3 and may form a head and shoulders before the market takes profit and pushes the price back lower.
08 September AUD/USD technical analysis
TargetSignal | Sep. 8, 2014
The Australian dollar fails to break below 0.93 despite the RBA’s firm belief that the currency is high by historical standards, and is experiencing difficulty around the 0.94 resistance for the past week. Look out for 0.9428.
08 September GBP/USD technical analysis
TargetSignal | Sep. 8, 2014
We believe the impact of the Scotland's "Yes" vote on cable will be massive.
08 September EUR/USD technical analysis
TargetSignal | Sep. 8, 2014
Following the ECB’s rate cut, the EURUSD is currently supported at 1.2925, not seen since July 10th2013. Next support by technical analysis can be seen at 1.2742.
CME Group, one of the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, announced September 4th with $32.4 billion in notional value (231,307 contracts) as the highest daily FX options volume in 4 years, in its Foreign Exchange options complex.
Nowadays, there are hacker stories everywhere. CySEC Chairwoman Demetra Kalogerou is the next as a hacker victim. On Friday CySEC published the following