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EURUSD Elliott wave analysis: price upbeat ahead of ECB

Sanmi Adeagbo | Sep. 12, 2019
USD/JPY rose above 120 despite the lack of hawkish U.S dollar sentiment but the gains were short lived as the low of 119.3 was reattained.
The bearish week continues for the AUD/USD as the rebounds intraday yesterday sees 0.841 resistance hold strong. A slight increase in U.S unemployment claims did little to influence the pair as the lack of decisive buying action keeps the pair slightly bearish.
Widely expected to keep the status quo, the Bank of England surprised no one when the Bank Rate was held and Asset Purchase Facility remained unchanged as GBP/USD stopped short of trading above previous resistance.
ECB's Draghi is expected to announced a series of broad based stimulus next month to fight the Euro area out of its recent malaise as inflation and growth forecasts are slashed yet again. The lack of concrete direction and transparency yesterday sees the market retreat from their bearish sentiment and saw EUR/USD return to 1.245 highs before returning to support at the opening price of the previous week in November.
USD/JPY at highest level in seven years
Nasir Mohammad | Dec. 5, 2014
It has definitely been a good year for the dollar, as it shows another conquest against the Japanese yen
AUD/USD continued its plunge as it makes new lows for the year.
The WM company has decided to change its methodology for calculating the Fx benchmark fix in an attempt to further ensure immunity to manipulation
Saxo Bank, one of the largest brokerage firms, known conveniently average about $247B in monthly volume reported a minor decrease in average daily volumes declining slightly from $17.1 billion in October to $15 billion in November
Alex Hope, one time catering manager turned currency trader is reported to have been running a £5.5 million ponzi scheme. He was promoted as a 'successful and talented' trader by his accomplice, Raj Von Badlo, 56, who has admitted to promoting Alex on misleading information.
DMM FX Australia quits Web Trader platform
Nasir Mohammad | Dec. 4, 2014
DMM FX Australia quits Web Trader platform by Saturday, January 10 2015. It is unclear whether this is intended as a lasting migration with the intention...
4/12/14 Light Crude Oil remains resisted at $68
Amandeep Sonewane | Dec. 4, 2014
Mixed sentiments sees the rebound in oil prices capped at $68 after $66.75 acts as the daily support.
Gains for Gold seems limited as resistance next at 1220-1228 lurks around the corner, as the unemployment claims later today and Non Farm Payrolls on Friday will likely form a clearer picture of how the U.S economy has come thus far after the end of QE.