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NYSE files for listing Bitcoin ETF and T-Bill-backed fund. The exchange’s application for a Bitcoin-backed ETF was recently delayed by the SEC.
The Serenity exchange is launched, and Denis Kulagin, CEO of Serenity Financial, shares more insights on the recent developments at Serenity Financial.
Yet another Indian Crypto Exchange shuts down as they have been finding it difficult to operate in the subcontinent following the ban on banking support.
Blockchain Transparency Institute claims Binance exchange is wash trading, while US-based exchange Kraken is the "cleanest" in the crypto space.
CoinMarketCap delists Bitfinex exchange
Samson Ononeme | May. 6, 2019
CoinMarketCap delists Bitfinex exchange and will no longer show data from the crypto exchange following a $300 premium.
Europeans still feel optimistic about Bitcoin and the Bitfinex Tether fud caused a Bitcoin flashcrash! Get all the important highlights here. 
Binance decentralized exchange goes live
Samson Ononeme | Apr. 24, 2019
Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency has finally introduced Binance decentralized exchange on its native blockchain. 
What is DEX? Decentralized exchange explained
Samson Ononeme | Apr. 23, 2019
What is DEX? What are the cons and pros of a decentralized exchange? Who should use decentralized exchanges?
How to identify a reliable crypto exchange
Maya Mandzikasvili | Apr. 23, 2019
A cryptocurrency exchange is a universal place for trading cryptos. How to identify a reliable crypto exchange?
Bitfinex crypto-trading platform recently announced a new user account registration feature.
Nasdaq accommodates CoinMarketCap crypto indices now and a Forex brokerage scam in the Australian view.
Abu Dhabi will be participating in a $100m STO prior to entering the London Stock Exchange the next year.