What Makes Crude Oil Prices Move?

Samson | Jul 02, 2020
What Makes Crude Oil Prices Move?
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Date 15/07/2020
Start 11:00 am GMT (GMT)
Speaker Andria Pichidi
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Crude Oil plays a pivotal role at the centre of the commodity markets and is one of the most heavily traded assets. But what drives the price other than simple supply and demand? Join our Market Analyst Andria today as she explains the complex geo-political story surrounding this key commodity and discusses:

  • Supply, demand and OPEC
  • Similarities & differences between USOil & UKOil
  • The impact of fracking

About Andria Pichidi, Market Analyst at HotForex

Currently, Andira Pichidi is working as a Market Analyst at Hotforex. Andria Pichidi holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and is passionate about financial mathematics, business economics, applied mathematics and every other facet of the financial markets. Andria has been in the Forex industry for over 5 years and since then she has made her footprint in this everchanging market.

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