Weekend Forex Market Analysis

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
Weekend Forex Market Analysis

Often traders lose not because of choppy market environment nor due to lack of knowledge!

Often traders lose due not to doing their homework, which also includes omitting the Weekend Forex Market Analysis.

During the trading week traders are quite often surrounded by infinite disruptions which can come from the job that you do, family as well as the Forex market itself which makes  Weekend Forex Market Analysis a must.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Indeed since the market would be closed you would not have much of feeling involved, in another word you would be with clear trading psychology. This is indeed a EUREKA moment for a trader and if utilized properly can optimize your trading performance by as much as 80%.

In this first ever Weekend Forex Market Analysis live training session we will look into market from different perspective to add the relevant value and indeed maximize our results.

  • Is Forex market closed over the weekend?
  • What are Weekend Gaps occur in the market?
  • What does Friday's market closing indicate?
  • What to expect from Sunday market opening?
  • Drawing of the true Fibonacci levels
  • Weekly technical analysis 
  • Fundamental overview of the previous week
  • Establishing pending orders for the coming week
  • And a lot more!

It says, failing to prepare is as same as preparing to fail. Hence the concept for us - traders is straight forward. Firstly we will start with the weekly charts for some of the major currency pairs and a few cross-pairs, Gold and Crude oil.

The goal of taking top to bottom analysis approach is mostly to identify the big picture and determine if there is any reversal possibility in the market. Meanwhile, we look into certain levels on hourly time frame at the end weekend analysis as well as weekly charts are there to see the big pictures but smaller time frames and weekdays are there for pip hunting.

At the of this session traders should be able to have a clear picture for the week ahead which should make it easier for them to find intraday positions.

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Note: This week's "Weekend Forex Market Analysis" session is sponsored by AtoZ Forex Approved Forex Broker ADS Securities London

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