UNCHAIN Bitcoin and Blockchain Convention 2019

Aman Sonewane | Apr 09, 2019
UNCHAIN Bitcoin and Blockchain Convention 2019
Event details
Date 14/06/2019
Start 09:00 (GMT)
End 20:00 (GMT)
Speaker Brock Pierce
Speaker Tone Vays
Speaker Alena Vranova
Speaker Hans-Werner Sinn
Speaker Riccardo „Fluffypony“ Spagni
Speaker Gabriel Kurmann
Speaker Rosine Kadamani
Speaker Eddy Travia
Speaker Hartej Sawhney
Speaker Susanne T. Tempelhof
Venue Berlin, Germany
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UNCHAIN is a 2-day conference featuring the world‘s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs. The main goal is to connect these experts with leading industrial players from all over the globe - by discussing and exploring the full potential of a decentralized economy.

UNCHAIN 2019: Blockchain meets economy

Gather valuable knowledge and insights about

  • Science & technology - Privacy and scaling for Bitcoin & Co.
  • Meaning of cryptocurrencies and blockchain – Impact and future outlooks
  • Best practice – Emerging blockchain use cases and business models across industries
  • Investments – Financial insider viewpoints and strategies
  • Blockchain and beyond – Socio-economic frameworks.

Networking experience

UNCHAIN provides inspiring content by also facilitating an eclectic networking environment, in which you can implement and give life to the experienced input.

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