Trading with Williams’ Percentage Range

Quyen Nong | Aug 30, 2018
Trading with Williams’ Percentage Range

Today we examine some often overlooked, alternative indicators that provide a different approach to momentum so you can refresh your trading with some new tools. Join this informative webinar to learn how to apply these unique indicators to your trading as our expert discusses:

• The Williams Percentage Range indicator and how it can provide a new look at momentum

• The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and how its not really about commodities at all

About Stuart Cowell, Head Analyst of HotForex

Stuart is a passionate advocate of keeping things simple. His forex webinars aim to make you understand how the news, charts and sentiment work together to provide trading opportunities across all asset classes and all time frames.

Stuart has been trading the global markets since 1997 and has also run his own consultancy. He is now a valuable contributor to our team of forex webinar presenters. Stuart believes that knowing yourself and employing effective risk management are the keys to successful trading.

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