The Wall Street Conference

Kate Alippa | Jun 12, 2019
The Wall Street Conference
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Date 02/07/2019
Start 03:00 (GMT)
End 12:00 (GMT)
Speaker TBC
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Following the success of the January 2019 event in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, USA which attracted the top elite professionals of Wall Street, Lyons Capital LLC, the organizer of The Wall Street Conference together with, the World’s First Fully Insured Hybrid Crypto Platform have collaborated to bring the most awaited conference in Singapore which will happen in Asia for the first time.

15 Businesses will get the opportunity to pitch to over 200+ Investors and Funds. Participating businesses from: Finance, Compliance, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Technology & Communication, etc... with an insurance partner works on a structured investment product. This provides comfort to all investors and companies.

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