Romani Blockchain Summit

Kate Alippa | Jun 03, 2019
Romani Blockchain Summit
Event details
Date 21/06/2019
Start 08:00 (GMT)
End 18:00 (GMT)
Speaker Mihai Milea
Speaker Adrian Pop
Speaker Petre Stroe
Speaker Cornel Vintila
Speaker Erhan Korhaliller
Venue Palace of Parliament
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Romania Blockchain Summit is the largest Summit of the industry organized in South-Eastern Europe, bringing together the Romanian public sector, political decision-makers, developers, researchers, global entrepreneurs and leaders, and innovators from the blockchain industry.


To promote the benefits of blockchain technology and its use cases as one of the most important opportunities for achieving economic and social progress both at the level of Romania and at the level of the European Union.


Romania competes with the other EU and non EU countries, it has a few important advantages in attracting big blockchain businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in search of a business-friendly jurisdiction for the development of a blockchain company

  • In 2018, Romania ranked second in a worldwide survey ordered by ING Bank, and first among the EU countries, with 12% of the population owning cryptocurrencies and at least 3/4 of the population having heard about them
  • Over 120,000 programmers with an annual growth of a further 10% within 12 months
  • Excellent IT&C infrastructure – Romania ranks 5 worldwide in the Speedtest Global index in terms of internet connection speed and is on the second place in Europe after Monaco. This unique strong point also attracted a lot of datacenters developers, offering a strong backbone for any IT project
  • Excellent English, French, Spanish and Italian skills for Romanian specialists; over 90% of the Romanians studied English as their second language in schools
  • The new regulatory framework to be adopted in the coming period by the Romanian authorities
  • Attractive tax policy with the possibility of negotiating new benefits for technology companies in the near future
  • Low cost specialist labor force
  • A highly appreciated lifestyle by the expats in Romania, with a lower cost of living and a higher quality of life coupled with high safety

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