Strategy Testing tips and tricks

Yagub Rahimov | May 03 2018, 21:20
Strategy Testing tips and tricks

While the market has too much of noise, retail traders often need guidance. In this session we will have two professional traders discussing Forex market from analysis and go through the trade opportunities. Not only the trade opportunities we will look into the market from strategy development perspective.

We will initially be discussing the unique tools which you as a trader can use to develop your strategies and also cover up the points which you must know in order to test your strategy succesfully.

Besides strategy testing this session will include additional three parts:

  • Live market discussion
  • Technical analysis
  • Questions & Answers

During the live market discussion our world known trader Yagub Rahimov and Adamos Anastasiou will be discussing the missing link in the Forex market. They will share their opinions on certain tradable instruments which will be based on noise elimination.

Next, each trader will share their own platform and present their technical analysis on their selected currency pairs.

Finally at the end of the live session we will give space for questions from different traders.

If you have questions already, or there are subjects you would like us to cover please click here to comment in the webinar forum post.

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