Market reversal and SR levels crash course

Edmund Heinz | May 03 2018, 21:20
Market reversal and SR levels crash course

Yagub Rahimov just won the best Forex Educator award in China Forex Expo and we have a new agreement with him. He will share his personal tips on how to identify Supply and Resistance levels during the Market reversal and SR levels crash course. He has over 90% win ratio thanks to his technique. Join us on the 26th of July. Let's enhance our trading performance all together.

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One of the most common mistakes traders make is picking the market top or bottom. Its like trying to catch a falling knife. As the expression implies, it can be downright dangerous and is not normally recommended. But here are different trading methods that may help traders lower the risk and indeed turn market reversals into a profitable trading strategy. You need to know how to spot market reversals.

In addition, Support and Resistance levels are few of the most common technical analysis tools that most traders ignore because it seems too simple to work. They then end up blowing up their entire accounts! In short, you cannot trade successfully if you dont understand the logic behind support and resistance levels.

Forex Market Reversals

To start with, you have to first redefine your trading psychology and make sure that while looking for market reversals you dont try to prove yourself right, but indeed follow the trend. Just like in trend following, you can not define or identify market reversal on small time frames, thus the larger the time-frame the more accurate your analysis will be. Therefore, we will only be covering weekly, daily, and hourly time-frames.

Traders are often confused about indicators, and instead of making their trading simpler, they keep on adding more and more indicators to their trading charts which in return end up complicating their trading strategies and ultimately ending up with large losses. During this Forex market reversal and SR levels crash course training we will start with simplifying our trading charts so that reversals become easier to spot. We will be using three common Forex tools to identify the actual market reversals.

Forex support and resistance levels

Finding support and resistance levels is indeed easy. One of the secrets is in your charting style. You should keep your charts clean and trade based on healthy market principles. If you put effort to understand these two Forex Terms you will understand that Supports and resistances are TA concepts that are the outcome of two of the most important market fundamentals:

  • Demand
  • Supply

In short, if you know how to find market reversal and SR levels in Forex, you will definitely be closer to having a winning strategy. Join Edmund Heinz and Yagub Rahimov to complete AtoZ Forex crash course together!


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