Intraday Price Action Strategy

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
Intraday Price Action Strategy

Are you new to the intraday price action strategy or do you want to learn something new? Then join this exclusive webinar hosted by HotForex senior analyst, Stuart Cowell. He will be teaching you in real time; how to use this strategy.

Stuart Cowell will be with you live to look at an intra-day strategy that focuses purely on the price action of the shorter time frame charts. He will look at the 5-minute to 4-hour time frames and discuss all the basic elements of this strategy:

Webinar overview: Intraday Price Action Strategy

  • The importance of the lower time frame and the higher time frame
  • The most appropriate indicators
  • The timeless power of support and resistance
  • Identifying high probability trades

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Presenter - who is Stuart Cowell?

Currently, Stuart Cowell is working as a Senior Analyst at Hotforex. Stuart Cowell has over 25 years experience working for a host of globally recognized organisations in the City of London. He is a passionate advocate of keeping things simple, doing what is probable and understanding how the news, charts and sentiment work together to provide trading opportunities across all asset classes and all time frames.

Stuart has been trading the global markets since 1997 and has also run his own consultancy. He believes that knowing yourself and employing effective risk management are the keys to successful trading.

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