How to trade NFP figures?

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
How to trade NFP figures?

Announced on the first Friday of every month, Non-Farm Payrolls figures announcement is among the most important market moving fundamentals, giving people the opportunity to make hundreds of pips of trade opportunity and also liquidating hundreds of traders account.

Naturally, traders always ask:- How to trade NFP figures? How to avoid stop hunts and follow the market?

We heard your voice and we want to take your request to the next level, and empower you with the tools that will change your Forex trading career.

How would you like to know the results of the NFP figures and be able to act on time to seize the opportunity?

In this session, we will give you the opportunity to learn from a trader who has been nominated as the best trader of the year multiple times.

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Extra: NFP news set

Just to quickly recap what this is all about, in this webinar you will be getting the opportunity to learn the following:

1- Backbone of NFP Figures Announcement - what to look for
2- Get to place technical pre-caution to avoid any possible wrongdoing
3- Share a strategy which has 90% winning accuracy

This is truly a potential Lazy Trader Way to seize the NFP trade opportunities.

So, stop being a loser and come join the winning team!

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