How to trade Forex in case of Brexit?

Yagub Rahimov | May 03, 2018
How to trade Forex in case of Brexit?

Are you prepared for the Brexit market turbulence? Or shall we better say, are you ready for a GBP pip-mania?

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On June the 23rd, the long awaited referendum will be taking place. It is the Britain's In-Out Referendum, a voting day defining whether the UK will stay in the EU or leave as they call it "become independent". Regardless of the In-out referendum results, the voting day will have a tremendous impact on the UK, EU as well as the world economy and of course every such movement always have direct impact on Forex market as well giving traders profit opportunities.

We will look into how to trade Forex in case of Brexit? Define our positions and wait for the big day to give us the opportunities.

The author of the upcoming traders' journey book - "Forex NOT for dummies", Yagub Rahimov and another surprise fundamental analyst, will go through the market opportunities and cover the most important aspects of trading the British Pound in times of In-Out voting and increased market volatility.

Session highlights:

    • GBP and EURO correlation and interconnections;
    • Brexit scenarios;
    • Possible trade set-ups;
    • How to avoid "unwanted" mistakes that most traders do.

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