How to think like a pro-trader?!

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
How to think like a pro-trader?!

Since we have started the pro-trader challenge series all over the world, we have been receiving too many requests from different countries asking about what makes pro-trader challenge different than many other training out there. So we have decided to make a part of the pro-trader challenge free for everyone so that you to can understand the difference between professional Forex traders and usual losing traders.

It all initially starts with the mindset, the way you think, the way you look at the market or even the way you talk about your operations makes a major difference, because a professional trader does not think like you!

So how to think like a pro-trader? What is the secret behind professional traders?

In this training Yagub and Adamos will be sharing the following:

6 elements of successful Forex Trading

These are the elements every trader think of before trading Forex and gets more into it making things more and more complicated during the course of trading.

5 Pillars of trading career

These 5 steps will define your career path as you must pass through these steps in order to become a professional trader.

Reading the charts

Just like his last GBPUSD analysis, Yagub Rahimov always tend to see the next step of the market, and this is due to his differentiated mindset. As a professional trader he always tell:

"Trading against the trend is just like driving your sports car 100 miles an hour but against the traffic. Crashing is a matter of time!"

Hence, we will be sharing secrets about defining the trend, sub-trend and future trend. Thus following the market!

"How to think like a pro-trader?! " online training will be hosted on Wednesday at 8:00 pm London time.

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Places are limited to 100 attendees only. First come, first serve!

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