How to personalize MT4 chart to support trading psychology

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
How to personalize MT4 chart to support trading psychology

MT4 is not the only trading platform but it is for sure a very common trading platform for retail traders. The default MT4 chart comes with quite simple but visually distractive model especially for those with extensive trading experience.

Trading Forex using poorly personalised MT4 chart is as same as reading a book dipped in mud and written in foreign language. You could not you read one, even if you try you would fail to understand!

Based on our in-depth research we have found out that there is a direct correlation between the type of charts trader use and their win ratio hence their trading psychology.

Indeed those traders trading with default MT4 charts were found to be more aggressive and ready to take unjustified risk, while those traders with personalized MT4 chart had more stable trading psychology.

And you know how it is?! Traders with wrong trading psychology are like the Angry Geenie on the right side trying to be right all the time.

During our step by step guide on how to personalize MT4 chart to support trading psychology, we will look into various customization options and reveal the logic behind each change.

These customizations are designed in such a structure that we believe if applied properly traders will excel their trading habits and decision-makings. The following are the MT4 chart personalization ingredients we will discuss about in our live session:

  • Applying a correct style of financial chart;
  • Using right background colors;
  • Knowing how grid changes your perception of price action;
  • Maximizing you MT4 chart;
  • Stilling your chart the right way to avoid wrong subconscious decisions.

Trading is a business! Thus treat it like one and have it customized for your needs.There is of course not one fits all package, what might work for one trader is not likely to work for all, but at the end it is all about your needs, your psychology and your take away, at the end it is you who takes the final decision, it is you who press that buy or sell button. After this webinar you will be able to modify your MT4 platform, and create your perfect MT4 chart and will not want to look back at that black default chart anymore.

So what are you waiting for? Register to our exclusive MT4 chart personalization webinar now! Places are limited to 50 participants only, see you there!

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