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How to Improve Your Trading Mindset

Samson Ononeme | May 04, 2020
How to Improve Your Trading Mindset
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Date 05/05/2020
Start 11:00 am (GMT)
Speaker Stuart Cowell
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If you have ever blown an account or would like some help with disciplining your mind and emotions, then this is the session for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your skills by learning how to turn your losses into lessons and other important basics as our Head Market Analyst discusses:

  • A few simple numbers you should know
  • The importance of emotional control
  • Maintaining your discipline

About Stuart Cowell, Head Analyst of HotForex

Stuart Cowell HotForex Currency strategist

Stuart is a passionate advocate of keeping things simple. His forex webinars aim to make you understand how the news, charts, and sentiment work together to provide trading opportunities across all asset classes and all time frames.

Stuart has been trading the global markets since 1997 and has also run his own consultancy. He is now a valuable contributor to our team of forex webinar presenters. Stuart believes that knowing yourself and employing effective risk management are the keys to successful trading.

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